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Plumbing Emergency: What To Do During a Flood

Welcome! My name is Sally. This is my blog about plumbing. I decided to start writing about plumbing after a very scary experience. I arrived home from work one day only to discover that a pipe burst in my home. When I opened the front door, I saw a torrent of water pouring down the stairs. I panicked and ran next door to my neighbour. Luckily, he used to work as a construction contractor, so he has a lot of experience in dealing with household problems. He helped me to turn off the mains water and helped me to mop up the mess. After this event, I decided I wanted to learn more about the plumbing in my house, so I went to a night school class.

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Plumbing Emergency: What To Do During a Flood

4 Issues That Need the Services of an Emergency Plumber

by Melvin Owens

Ignoring a plumbing issue doesn't make it go away. If anything, a plumbing problem can quickly escalate into something catastrophic. Although it is possible to successfully DIY minor plumbing issues, some problems can only be fixed by a professional. Here are some plumbing issues that are better left to professional plumbers.

1. Flooding in Your House

Plumbing issues like burst pipes, water shut-off valve failure, or sewer backup can cause flooding. When you experience any of these problems, you need to call a professional plumber right away. Flooding can cause damage to your floor, carpet, fixtures, and insulation. Besides, water can cause electrical problems and compromise your home's foundation. A plumbing expert will develop a proper strategy to fix the issue and reduce the damage. By doing this, they save you a significant amount of money in flood remediation.

2. Overflow From the Toilets

For many people, an overflowing toilet seems like a simple issue, and it can be tempting to fix it by yourself. But without the right skills, you can worsen the situation. A toilet overflow can contaminate your water supply, putting you and your family at risk. It is best to allow the experts to handle the matter since they know how to fix it.

3. Backing Up of the Sewage

The sewer system is meant to carry away the wastewater coming from your home. But if the system is blocked, you will likely experience sewage backup. The backup comes with foul odours and fumes. That is why you need to call in a qualified plumber when you notice such issues. The plumber will unclog the drain promptly to ensure that you return to your routines quickly. 

4. Bursting of the Pipes

Loose valves and frozen pipes are the two leading causes of pipe bursts. Frozen water causes the pipe to expand, making it crack. When the pipe thaws, it will present the risk of flooding or leakage. When you experience such events, first switch off the water valve then call a plumbing expert as soon as possible. Since they have the right tools, they will fix the issue within no time.

When you encounter any of the plumbing problems discussed above, contact an emergency plumber immediately. An emergency plumber will arrive at your home on time and put the necessary preventive measures in place to reduce the damage. The professionals will also come up with the best strategy to fix the plumbing issues you are facing.