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Plumbing Emergency: What To Do During a Flood

Welcome! My name is Sally. This is my blog about plumbing. I decided to start writing about plumbing after a very scary experience. I arrived home from work one day only to discover that a pipe burst in my home. When I opened the front door, I saw a torrent of water pouring down the stairs. I panicked and ran next door to my neighbour. Luckily, he used to work as a construction contractor, so he has a lot of experience in dealing with household problems. He helped me to turn off the mains water and helped me to mop up the mess. After this event, I decided I wanted to learn more about the plumbing in my house, so I went to a night school class.

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Plumbing Emergency: What To Do During a Flood


Finding The Right Condensate Pump for Your HVAC System

Pumps play a crucial role in HVAC systems. They provided the much-needed energy to ensure water flows efficiently through your system's fittings, piping and other equipment. Generally, HVAC systems can be designed with different types of pumps. For instance, condensate pumps are some of the most vital pumps you will find on many HVAC systems. They move water, a by-product of the cooling process in your HVAC system, to a holding tank before it's directed to a drain.

Top Reasons Why Underground Water Leak Detection Equipment Is Valuable

Underground water leak detection equipment is special equipment that is used to look for leaks in water lines and pipes. Whether you purchase this equipment, rent this equipment or hire a company that will use the underground water leak detection equipment, you will probably soon realise that underground water leak detection equipment is incredibly valuable. Some of the top reasons why this equipment is so valuable are outlined here. Even Underground Leaks Can Be a Problem

How to Choose the Right Pool Heat Pump Suppliers

When it comes to heating swimming pools, homeowners have many options. Those keen on cutting costs are leveraging the energy efficiency of pool heat pumps to keep their pools warm all year round. In a market with many swimming pool heat pump suppliers, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. However, it doesn't have to be that hard. Here are three smart strategies that will help you sieve through the many pool heat pump suppliers and get the best fit.

Everything You Should Know About Your Hot Water System Installation Options

Storage, tankless, or solar? Three main water heating solutions are available on today's market, so it shouldn't be hard for you to weigh up your options to choose the correct one. Here's what to know about each type before committing. Storage water heater This hot water system is the conventional choice for homes. It features a tank that is used to store hot water, hence the name. The size of the hot water tanks depends on the hot water consumption of every household.

4 Issues That Need the Services of an Emergency Plumber

Ignoring a plumbing issue doesn't make it go away. If anything, a plumbing problem can quickly escalate into something catastrophic. Although it is possible to successfully DIY minor plumbing issues, some problems can only be fixed by a professional. Here are some plumbing issues that are better left to professional plumbers. 1. Flooding in Your House Plumbing issues like burst pipes, water shut-off valve failure, or sewer backup can cause flooding.