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Plumbing Emergency: What To Do During a Flood

Welcome! My name is Sally. This is my blog about plumbing. I decided to start writing about plumbing after a very scary experience. I arrived home from work one day only to discover that a pipe burst in my home. When I opened the front door, I saw a torrent of water pouring down the stairs. I panicked and ran next door to my neighbour. Luckily, he used to work as a construction contractor, so he has a lot of experience in dealing with household problems. He helped me to turn off the mains water and helped me to mop up the mess. After this event, I decided I wanted to learn more about the plumbing in my house, so I went to a night school class.

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Plumbing Emergency: What To Do During a Flood

    Hot Water Tank Relief Valve Drip: When Is It Time To Call In A Plumber?

    As a first home owner, you are embarking on a journey that combines home ownership pride with home maintenance 101 education. Take, for example, the dripping hot water tank relief valve problem that you have recently noticed. You may think a few drops of water here and there are not going to do any harm, so is it really necessary to call in a plumber? It's time to understand why the relief valve is dripping so you can make a decision about how long you can wait to get it replaced.

    When It's Time to Call a Plumber

    Having a burst pipe in the home is not the only time you want to call a plumber and have them inspect and repair your home's pipes, as there are many other signs that your home has a water leak or other damage that should be addressed by a plumber. Ignoring these signs can mean larger repair bills down the road, as well as the risk of your home being damaged by mold, mildew, and the like.

    'Erm, It's Still There' 4 Reasons Your Toilet Isn't Flushing Solid Waste

    So, you've flushed your toilet as usual, then turned around to be confronted by the fact that your solid waste is still hanging around. This can be pretty disgusting, not to mention embarrassing. Unfortunately, there are actually quite a few reasons why it might be occurring. Here are just four. 1. There's a Clog The most obvious answer to your toilet's inconvenient habit of failing to clear solid waste is that there is a clog.

    Important Factors You Shouldn't Overlook When Buying a Water Heater

    When getting a new water heater for your home, you want to take the time to compare different models so you know you get something that will provide the hot water you need without wasting energy. Solar water heaters are a viable option for many homes and tankless water heaters can also be a good choice for certain spaces, but these too must be chosen carefully. When you're ready to choose, note a few factors you don't want to overlook so you know you get the right water heater for your home and family.

    Troubleshooting Why Hot Water is No Longer Coming Out of Your Faucets

    If you notice that the water coming out of your hot water faucet is not hot at all, you most likely have an issue with your gas water heater. When the water is not heating at all, there can be a number of causes behind the problem. This means that you need to know how to troubleshoot the issue and determine what the cause is before you can begin repairs on your gas water heater.

    Reasons Why You Should Hire Professionals for Cleaning Your Blocked Drains

    The most common cause for a blocked drain is the accumulation of materials and foreign objects in the pipes that transport waste. These materials can include in their composition fats, foods, pieces of hair and even soap! As a result, you need to regularly clean your pipes in order to avoid completely blocking them. A blocked drain can cause you lots of stress because of the inconveniences that they create as well as the unpleasant odour that they produce.

    Reasons why your drains are always getting blocked

    It can be extremely frustrating when your drains keep getting blocked. But if you keep treating the symptoms and not the cause, you will constantly be suffering from these problems. Blocked drains also waste time and money. They also leave a bad smell and can cause health problems due to the presence of bacteria. Thankfully, the majority of these blockages are completely preventable. Here are some reasons your drains keep getting blocked and what you can do about it.

    Rotten-Egg Smell In Water Heaters: What Causes It And How To Treat It

    Have you ever noticed an unpleasant rotten-egg smell in the water coming from your water heater? That is the smell of hydrogen sulfide gas. However, there is no cause for alarm as the gas is usually present in low volume, and hence, carries little threat. Concentrations of as little as 1 parts per million can trigger the pungent smell of hydrogen sulfide. Even though the gas is harmless in low concentration, it must be irritating to inhale it every time you fetch water from your water heater.